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Google would be holding their annual Google Devfest on Air online event. DevFest OnAir is an online conference featuring sessions from DevFest events around the globe. These community-led developer sessions are hosted by GDG (Google Developer Groups) focused on community, networking and learning about Google technologies.

To register for this, go over the following website:

Some of the more interesting talks (naturally will be inclined to the cloud based topics :D)

Time Title of talk Link Short Description
Dec 12 9:10 AM GMT+08 MicroService with go and gRPC This session will introduce how to make a gRPC server, an emerging RPC framework for a server-client communication method, using Golang.
Dec 12 11:10 AM GMT+08 Multiplayer Games with WebXR Showcase creating a multiplayer game similar to Pokemon Go using WebXR in a live coding session
Dec 12 12:05 PM GMT+08 Meet Squoosh, the Image Tool for Faster Page Loads
Dec 12 6:10 PM GMT+08 Building for Scale Learn about the technology, engineering processes and infrastructure powering Paystack, a leading payments gateway and services provider helping over 17,000 businesses in Africa get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world.
Dec 12 4:10 PM GMT+08 console.log(brain) This talk is a demonstration of an open-source Brain-Computer Interface that is completely developed with JavaScript

The above set of talks sound especially interesting. Take a look at the full list of talks happening the whole day over the website above. Don’t forget to register if you’re interesting to listen in and hear how people/companies use Google technologies to help solve their technology problems at work.