Data Science on Google Cloud

Data Science on Google Cloud Platform via Google BigQuery and expectations of artificial intelligence in the future


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This is the first event for the year 2020

Event will be held on 9th January 2020 @ Google Singapore

Event link is here:

The following event is not recorded - there are no youtube clips of the sessions


Machine Learning and Bayesian Statistics in minutes: How data scientists use BigQuery

Speaker: Valliappa Lakshmanan. Lak is Global Head for Data Analytics and AI Solutions on Google Cloud. His team builds software solutions for business problems using Google Cloud’s data analytics and machine learning products. He founded Google’s Advanced Solutions Lab ML Immersion program and is the author of a couple of O’Reilly books and several Coursera courses. Before Google, Lak was a Director of Data Science at Climate Corporation and a Research Scientist at NOAA.

Do check out some of the books he wrote: - Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform - Google BigQuery: The Definitive Guide

In the case the links become outdated - do take the opportunity to search for the book on the oreilly platform

Synopsis: Combining the scalability of BigQuery and the expressiveness of Python Notebooks enables you to solve hard data science problems in minutes without data movement. In this session, you’ll learn how to fit probabilistic distributions, build recommendation systems, and train deep learning models on extremely large datasets interactively. And while ML can be carried out in BigQuery natively, being able to use powerful, industry-standard ML frameworks such as TensorFlow can give you access to a much wider variety of ML models and components - so we will also look at the connections that exist between BigQuery and full-fledged ML frameworks.

Artificial Intelligence: 2020 and Beyond

Speaker: Koo is the co-founder of DataScience SG, one of the largest meetup group on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Singapore. Besides running the community, Koo is a instructor, consultant and mentor in Data Science and a self-funded researcher in Artificial Intelligence, having more than 14 years of relevant experience and taught in various IHLs. His career focus is on helping more people and organizations onboard into Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. LinkedIn profile:

Synopsis: Artificial Intelligence is the loudest buzzword these days and as folks who work on data, Artificial Intelligence is where most of us will like to work on. In this talk, we are going to do a quick recap of exciting developments in Artificial Intelligence and Koo will also share what are the areas that will see further development going forward into 2020 and the new decade.

FYI, the speaker also has a podcast - you might want to follow him and hear some of his views regarding various topics on

ML, GIS, clusters and more: Fun with BigQuery’s new features

Speaker: Felipe Hoffa, Developer Advocate, Google

You can check out his medium blog posts - However, do take note he has recently moved to Snowflake; so in order to get to the portion on BigQuery instead of Snowflake, you might need to scroll quite a ways downward

Also, there are other authors on this topic, you can check out the following medium post: