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GCPUG hosted the following event on 2019-09-14 at Google Singapore.

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Event details

Hello Developers,

Google Cloud certifications is one of the most sought out Cloud Certifications in the IT Industry and the starting point of the certifications is Associate Cloud Engineer Certification(ACE).

Google Cloud Certifications recommend developers, first to undertake “GCP Essentials” Qwiklab quest as a part of ACE certification journey and in this introductory hands on session we will be covering “GCP Essential” Qwiklab Quest ran by engineers who have already taken the the quests and help you jump start.

This event is suitable for :

  • Everyone new to Google Cloud Platform
  • Developers planning to take ACE examination
  • Developers who have signed up for Google Cloud 12 Week Certification Challenge but hasnt started it yet.

Notes to consider :

Learn more about Google Cloud 12 Week Certification Challenge refer to link below.


Below are some of the questions that were raised during the session; some of the below reference materials might be useful for you

  1. Besides Qwiklabs, what other reference materials can I use to prepare for the certification exam?
    • Free coursera courses. These coursera only lasts a month and they might serve as a good referesher course to take just before going for the actual certification exam
  2. Does completing this set of qwiklabs mean I’m Google Cloud Certified?
  3. If I’ve exhaused all my qwiklabs but I still want to do a few experiments on the platform in order to understand some of the documentation; how should I do it?
    • If the amount of resources that you need for your experiments is not high, you can try considering to make use of the free tier of resources that Google Cloud provides:
  4. Do I need to follow a certain order to the certifications?
    • Nope, not exactly. The certification page kind of specifies that one should start with the Associate Cloud Engineer certification but you can technically skip this certification and jump immediately into the Professional level certifications if you are comfortable with it
  5. When would the certification exams be held?
    • There is no set period when the exams would be held. When you register for the certification course, you will get to decide the venue, date and time of where you will be taking the exam.
  6. Do I get anything to showcase the courses I completed the qwiklabs courses/quests?
    • Yes you do. Qwiklab has a public profile which you can access by going the the “My Learning” option in the left hand side panel. And from there, on the loaded page, there would be a link to go to public profile.
  7. If the amount of time provided to complete a course within a quest is not enough, can I continue with it from where I last left it?
    • Unfortunately no. Each qwiklab session kind of creates a temporary gcp project which you can then use to try out certain product features within it. Once the session ends, the temporary account is no longer accessible. So, going through the courses once more would mean restarting from the beginning all over again.

Here’s also an additional link that might be useful for you while going through your certification journey.