About GCPUG-SG - GCPUG - Singapore

Google Cloud Platform User Group Singapore (GCPUG-SG) is a local Singapore organization whose focus is to get people from community to share their learnings and use cases in order to further understand the tools within Google Cloud Platform. Usually, such sharing are held with talks but we are aiming to have a different variety of formats to share content with other audiences.

In the future, we would add some open source projects that the core team members are working that would be great to be shared with the community. However in the mean time, just enjoy some of the resources/links that are shared here. They should prove useful to you if this is like your first time being aware of the meetup group and availability of cloud blogs/resources.

Coming to meetups

We are testing a way of streamlining the questions and answer section of talks.

On previous meetups in 2018, whenever there is a Question and Answer section, there would typically be one organizer that would be running around with a microphone so that the audience member asking the question would have his question be more audible to the speaker. Instead, we would now try using a tool on this website:


There would be a code available which you can use and join in a “room”. Once you are there, you can anonymously ask questions to the speaker; if everyone thinks your question is good, it can get upvoted accordingly.

No login is required for audience members; the organizer that would be around that day would be picking the 3-5 questions from the list and proceed to ask the speaker. Any further questions can be answered on a later date/time.

This is an experimental run; if it turns out to be more chaotic, we might just stop this.


Additional Tools for Speakers

The below are some tools that speakers can potentially use to spice up their talks